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One day. Exponential growth.

What would be possible for you if you were able to break the chains of your monkey mind?


And easily and effortlessly shifted into the identity of the high-impact visionary you knew you were meant to be?

How would it feel to get clear on the exact next steps for your brand and business?

Are you willing to take big, radical action?

Are you ready to quit believing your bullshit to create aligned success in your life and business?

Then you are ready for a BREAKTHROUGH DAY.


Breakthrough days are designed to create a "break state" within your mind to re-set possibility, upgrade into your Next Level Identity, and create an aligned action plan for success.  



the creative visionary who understands that personal development is the key to success.

the business owner who is willing to sacrifice their current identity to get to the Next Level in their growth journey.

the badass woman who is self-motivated and a quick learner.

the soulful dreamer who is ready and able to invest in herself.

the determined rebel who isn't afraid to color outside the lines and try new things.

Track 1: Mindset Reset

Track 1 is for people who KNOW that their mind, emotions, and current identity are the biggest things holding them back from success. 

They are ready to be completely broken open, challenged, and re-calibrated on the cellular level.

This will be facilitated through my Neuro-Linguistic Programming Breakthrough Process, transformational shadow work, 5.0 Identity Creation, and more.

*This track is open to non-business owners as well. You can choose from Family, Leadership, Career, Creativity, Relationships, and Health & Fitness as your area of focus.

Track 2: The Best of Mindset + Biz

This track is for someone who knows they need a mindset reset, but also desire the masculine support in their business to create an aligned, strategic action plan for their creative projects.

Half the day will be spent using the tools and process from Track 1 and half working on the high-level strategy of your business + creating a detailed action plan for implementation.

Examples: Create your Brand Overview and Guidelines Kit, soul-aligned offer mapping, project management Trello Boards, business amplification plan, and more. Fully customized to your needs as a business owner using my best tools and expertise.


  • I will send you a tentative schedule prior to our day, but we will leave room for magic to flow!
  • You are required to clear the entire day. We will begin in the morning and finish when we are done. We will take many breaks throughout. 
  • These sessions are offered virtually and in-person.
  • Leave your ego at the door. Be prepared to get vulnerable, honest, and real.

"I have been wanting to work with Taylor for almost 2 years and when she offered the "Virtual Breakthrough Day" I knew I had to jump on it! I am so glad I did. It was exactly what I needed. I had some blocks around marketing and clarity in my business and of course, it all comes down to internal things she easily pinpointed and we resolved together with NLP, great business coaching and Hypnosis. She also gave me additional resources which I can use for future reference, not only business strategy but also systems and essential mindset tools. Taylor makes it so easy to open up and you can feel that she is experienced and knowledgeable in what she does. Plus it is great to be in her energy and she is a great role model. I can highly recommend to work with her, do not wait as long as I did.After our first session, I had a rush of clarity about my vision and within weeks, I had launched my first online course. It was my first offering and I completely sold out, filling 21 spots and bringing in over $6000. Taylor helped me with everything along the way, and my investment paid off -- big time! I came away from each session with new ideas, realizations and strength. She has a way of genuinely connecting with her clients and giving them the tools they need to make their vision a reality. She's also brilliant when it comes to creating structure and flow in your business (and life!). I needed this, especially because I am a Mom of two small children and things can get a little chaotic at times. I've learned so much from her in such a short time, and I was finally able to push through all of that negative self-talk and make it to the finish line. THAT is worth everything to me. <3 Thank you, Taylor!"

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