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Introducing the Quantum Leap Retreat. 

My signature 3-day private retreat of deep subconscious work and full-spectrum brand and business strategy for bold business owners.

The Quantum Leap Retreat program packs three months of comprehensive coaching into three concentrated days. 

At your private Airbnb in Austin, Texas, away from your daily schedule and responsibilities, you get the opportunity to stop and look at what’s just not working anymore. 

Over these three days, I’ll help you leave the “shoulds” behind.  Then, we create and execute a plan to establish you as an authentic leader in your realm of influence.  We will follow a loose schedule, but allow room for spontaneity and spirit to flow, keeping in mind your goals and core objectives mapped out in our pre-call.

You will not be the same person when you leave as you walked into a Taylor Lou Coaching Quantum Leap Retreat.



Subconscious blocks will be revealed, fears released, identities shifted, beliefs upgraded, vision clarified, and creativity unleashed using my tool bag of transformation: Master-Level Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, transformational shadow work, Hypnotherapy, Time Techniques, sacred circling, Vision Quest Breathwork, self-discovery systems, energetic tuning, meditation, and more!

You can expect to feel a full emotional release as you experience the death of an identity that is no longer serving you.

An identity that you know has been holding you back- filled with self-doubt, guilt, fear, and not-enoughness.

Yep, it's time for that ish to go.

This is not for the faint of heart, but an extremely powerful and proven process to help you move into a more aligned expression of your potential and leadership.

You will be fully held in a safe, beautiful environment complete with a sacred altar, healing crystals, essential oils, oracle cards, and cozy things!


Once we have cleared out the subconscious mind with the help of the divine feminine, we will then tune into the masculine to create an aligned, strategic action plan for your creative projects.

We'll break out the giant post-it notes, laptops, and notebooks to map out a  roadmap for success in your business.

Past Examples: Brand strategy creation, content marketing planning, soul-aligned offer mapping, sales training/practice, aligned lead generation tactics, project management Trello Boards, business amplification plan, and more. Fully customized to your needs as a business owner using my best tools and expertise.

Each Quantum Leap Retreat includes a 60-minute Pre-Experience call.

Based on our Pre-Experience call, I will then curate a fully loaded private experience for you in Austin, TX.

No two retreats are alike. 

Airbnb is included even if you live in Austin (it’s important to get a full “break state” out of your normal routines to experience the full impact of this work).

We will begin in the morning and end when we have flowed through our intentions. High frequency foods and teas will be provided, as well as a goody bag filled with supportive biz, spiritual, and life tools. 


Day three is dedicated to tying up loose ends and fully unleashing the most confident, badass creator within by practicing being seen. 

I typically assign a challenge on this day to test the work we've done together and inspire you to step up to the plate as the leader you know you are meant to be. 

Sometimes this looks like volunteering in the community, reaching out to sales leads and booking calls, hosting a Facebook live training, or even having a difficult conversation with a loved one.

This is completely dependent on the individual, but this day is all about putting the transformation you just experienced into PRACTICE.


After our retreat, you will have eight weeks of continued support as you implement the things we worked on.

This includes four 60-min video calls + unlimited business hours Voxer (walkie talkie app) support. 

You will have open-door access to me to get immediate feedback, coaching, and advice on anything that comes up post retreat. 

Think of this like having a coach in your back pocket as you are making major moves on the plans and goals we create together during the retreat.

Other things to note:

  • I will send you a tentative schedule before the retreat, but we will leave space for spirit and inspiration to move through us and take us to unexpected places.
  • At least $1000 of the total investment must be paid before the retreat. 
  • You will be asked to complete a few assignments before our time together so that we can maximize the experience. 
  • Retreats can be scheduled during the week or on weekends.



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" Taylor taught me the importance of mindset, inviting clients into my world with excitement, and setting boundaries in my biz (+ much much more). Best part is I made back my investment just a few weeks after working with her! "

Dating Coach

Imagine three days with all eyes on you and your business.

Hear what Chrissy had to say about the Quantum Leap Retreat Experience...

After working together, Chrissy had the HIGHEST sales month ever in her business, booked multiple speaking gigs, launched a new private coaching program, and started her Youtube channel.


Your business will never transform until YOU do.

My philosophy is a simple. The fastest way we GROW and TRANSFORM is through EXPERIENCE. I'm not the type of coach who will just hand you a bunch of templates and videos (although I have those too!). I'd much rather take you on a journey to find the answers inside of yourself and support YOUR special kind of genius instead of mine.


the creative visionary who understands that personal development is the key to success.

the business owner who is willing to sacrifice their current identity to get to the Next Level in their growth journey.

the badass woman who is self-motivated and a quick learner.

the soulful dreamer who is ready and able to invest in herself.

the determined rebel who isn't afraid to color outside the lines and try new things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Austin, TX! I carefully hand-select an Airbnb that reminds me of YOU! This is one of my favorite parts of the process. You will have the opportunity to stay in the accommodations the night before as well, so that you can get settled in and wake up ready to get to work!

I always send out a tentative schedule ~1 week before our immersion. We typically start at 9am and end at 6pm. After we end each day, you will be given suggested assignments, but you are more than welcome to explore the city. Although, most people are pretty worn out!!

I have many payment options available, but this is a serious investment. This is not for the faint of heart. And your results will reflect that.

The application process is pretty simple. You will fill out a short application form, and I will be in touch to schedule a call if it seems like a good fit. Because this is such an intimate container, it's important that we are the perfect match to work together.

There is absolutely no way that I can guarantee results as that would be unethical, AND I can say that most people have made their entire investment back within WEEKS after our retreat, if not before. Because this container is so hands-on, it is impossible for a transformation not to occur. 

Glad you asked! I have an entire highlight on my Instagram (@taylorloucoaching) dedicated to behind-the-scenes from my past retreats. Check it out here.

"Working with Taylor totally changed my approach to my business. She taught me so much about flexibility and possibility. When I first started working with Taylor I was feeling pretty stuck and limited in what I thought I could/couldn't do in my work. She taught me so much about expansion and dreaming and allowed me to really tap into my own creativity while providing me with tangible tools I needed to take on bigger feats like launching a group program and reaching out to more people. My business has totally transformed. If you're considering working with Taylor, I would 100% jump at the opportunity."

Life Coach

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